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How to Organize a Parker House Event or Overnight Guest Stay

The College’s use of the Parker House is governed by conditions set by the city of Portland designed to preserve the residential character of Moreland Lane. The procedures below have been adopted in order to comply with these conditions. Hosts need to be vigilant in complying in three particular areas: (1) parking for the house, which is available in campus lots only; (2) the prohibition against cars being driven on Moreland Lane (with the exception of disabled or overnight visitors); and (3) a commitment to a set number of attendees in advance of events. In order to preserve the college’s ability to use the house, hosts who demonstrate that they cannot work within these guidelines will not be able to schedule events in the house for one year.


1. Event Request Process

  • Organizers who wish to schedule an event in the Parker House should begin by contacting the Parker House manager, Colby Westhead, at 503/788-6669 or email and include information about event date, time, an number of attendees. Organizers will hear back from Colby within one week.
  • All Parker House events must be sponsored by the president or a vice president, dean, or academic department.
  • Requests for use of the house are most likely to be approved if made at least 60 days prior to the event.
  • Reservations for overnight guests should be made at least 14 days prior to the guest's arrival.
  • Once the event has been approved, the Parker House manager will schedule a meeting with the department host and a Bon Appétit representative if catering is required. At this time, details such as catering needs, room setup, A/V requests, etc., will be addressed and policies and procedures discussed.

2. Invitations

  • Specific invitation language will be provided by the Parker House manager for you to use in your invitations. All invitations and correspondence relating to the Parker House will use the college's mailing address, not the address of the Parker House in order to discourage guests from driving on Moreland Lane.
  • Invitations for events at the Parker House will state: "Moreland Lane is for use by Moreland Lane residents only. Parking is in the college's parking lots only." Guests will be directed to park in the west or Prexy parking lots and to "use the crosswalk at the intersection of SE Woodstock Boulevard and SE 28th Avenue."
  • All invitations will include the campus map directing guests to Parker House parking.
  • Both start and end times for your event must be listed.

3. Parking and Entrance

  • Visitors to the Parker House are not allowed to park on Moreland Lane or on Woodstock Boulevard.
  • You may use the loading zone on Woodstock Boulevard for temporary, unloading purposes. You may unload in this zone for 15 minutes. You may not park there for long periods of time, or during an event.
  • During your event, signs will direct guests to campus parking areas.
  • In special circumstances, Reed can arrange for a valet or shuttle service between the Parker House and campus parking. The costs of these services would be billed to host department.
  • If an attendee of your event does not adhere to parking instructions and parks on Moreland Lane, the sponsoring faculty/staff department will lose Parker House privileges for one year.

4. Event Management

  • Each host will either attend the event or designate an on-site coordinator. The on-site coordinator needs to be present at the Parker House during the entire event. Along with the Parker House Staff, this person will be responsible for the event and its attendees.
  • Hosts may not accept more people than the number invited.
  • On-campus guests should walk to the Parker House.
  • The house should be approached from two sets of stairs on Woodstock Blvd. Guests then walk across the patio and to the front door on Moreland Lane.
  • For special needs access, guests may be dropped off/picked up in the Parker House driveway on Moreland Lane. Their vehicle must then be parked on Campus or with advance notice, a parking permit for the Parker House driveway may be arranged.
  • Floral or other event-related deliveries should be prearranged with the Parker House manager and must take place between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on the day of the event.
  • For deliveries to the Parker House, please ask that delivery persons use the curb-cut loading zone on Woodstock Boulevard or the Parker House driveway.
  • As with all college events, catering for events will be managed by Bon Appétit. No outside food or alcohol may be brought into the Parker House.

5. Event Departure

  • A CEP or Bon Appétit staff member will be responsible for closing the house.
  • Please remove all materials you brought in and leave the premises as you found them in order to facilitate cleaning of the house.
  • Close any doors or windows that may have been opened during the event.
  • When you depart, you will see that some lights have been programmed to remain on for security reasons.


1. Reservations

  • Reservations for overnight guests should be made at least 14 days prior to the guest's arrival to best ensure space.
  • We ask that you provide the guest’s cell phone number, email and approximate time of guest arrival to the house.
  • The Parker House manager will send a confirmation/information letter directly to the guest prior to their arrival. The hosting department will be cc’d on the letter outlining the specific check-in instructions.
  • The sponsoring faculty/staff department will be billed for the guest’s room cleaning service after each stay, as well as amenities used (meal plan, replenishing soap, etc.). This fee will be charged to the department by CEP within 30 days of the guest's departure. The fee per night for FY 2010–2011 is $55 single occupancy, $65 double occupancy per night.
  • A $15 fee will be charged for after-hour check-ins (after 5pm or on weekends).
  • Student requests for overnight guests must be sponsored by Student Activities or another faculty/staff department.
  • No check-ins can occur after 10pm.
  • By city ordinance, guests may only stay for up to 3 consecutive nights.
  • House instructions will be passed to the guest and the hosting department by the Parker House manager prior to the guest stay.

2. Access and Entry

  • A check-in greeter will be assigned to greet the guest and orient them to the house and procedures.
  • Upon arrival, overnight guests will be issued a swipe card, alarm code, room key, and overnight parking pass (if applicable), and a house event schedule during the time of their stay.
  • There is a phone outside the east side entrance to the house that dials community safety directly, should your guest ever have access problems.

3. Food, Meal Plans, Catering

  • You may arrange for catering or a meal plan for the guest. This can be arranged in advance with the Parker House manager and the Bon Appétit representative.
  • If you/your department would like to arrange for meals for your guest at the Gray Campus Center commons during an overnight stay, please notify the Parker House manager at least 5 days prior. A swipe card with a set amount of money (at your discretion) will be checked out to the guest. After departure, Bon Appétit will notify the Parker House manager of actual funds spent and your department will be billed at the same time that room charges are billed.
  • Guests may not use the kitchen and event-oriented appliances in the house. Instead, guests have access to a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee machine adjacent to the guest bedrooms on the second floor.

4. Parking

  • Guests will receive a parking pass to display in their vehicle while parking in Parker House driveway if applicable.
  • If a guest does not adhere to parking instructions and parks on Moreland Lane, the sponsoring faculty/staff department will lose overnight guest privileges for one year.


  • As with all college facilities, Bon Appétit has first right of refusal for all catering needs and no outside food or alcohol is allowed.
  • Please do not move furniture or tamper with electrical, mechanical, or telephone fixtures.
  • Pets are not permitted in the Parker House. Service animals are, as always, welcome.
  • By state law, there is no smoking in the Parker House or within 10 feet from any doors or windows. A designated smoking area is located in front of the garage. A $200 fine will be assessed to the guest or hosting department if a guest smokes in the Parker House.
  • Only candles supplied by Parker House manager are permitted (hurricane lamps and votive candles).
  • Please only use supplied white boards and posting areas. Do not use tape, tacks, or nails anywhere in the Parker House. Damage resulting from inappropriate uses will be billed to the host department.
  • When returning to campus parking lots, event attendees are asked to stay on the established pathways and crosswalks and to not walk on the street down Moreland Lane to or from campus.

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